Page Sizes

ISO Sizes – Trimmed Stock
‘A’ Range ‘B’ Range
The ‘A’ range is the finished trimmed size of paper
used in printing and related industries.
The ‘B’ range covers a need for special applications
such as oversize documents and posters.
A7 – 105mm x 74mm
A6 – 148mm x 105mm
A5 – 210mm x 148mm
A4 – 297mm x 210mm
A3 – 420mm x 297mm
A2 – 594mm x 420mm
A1 – 841mm x 594mm
A0 – 1189mm x 841mm
B7 – 125mm x 88mm
B6 – 176mm x 125mm
B5 – 250mm x 176mm
B4 – 353mm x 250mm
B3 – 500mm x 353mm
B2 – 707mm x 500mm
B1 – 1000mm x 707mm
B0 – 1414mm x 1000mm
‘C’ Range American Quarto
Connected to both envelopes and folders,
the‘C’ range allows ‘A’ sized items to be inserted.
American Quarto is normally used by USA
based companies and is generally stated in inches.
C8 – 81mm x 57mm
C7 – 114mm x 81mm
C6 – 162mm x 114mm
C5 – 229mm x 162mm
C4 – 324mm x 229mm
11” x 8.5” – 280mm x 216mm
ISO Sizes – Untrimmed Stock
SRA Sheet Sizes RA Sheet Sizes
Known as the supplementary range, this sheet size
offers greater flexibility in allowing for bleed,
machine handling and finishing.
The ‘RA’ range allows for a 5% waste when
finally trimmed. This range is not widely stocked due
to limitations in application.
SRA6 – 160mm x 112mm
SRA5 – 225mm x 160mm
SRA4 – 320mm x 225mm
SRA3 – 450mm x 320mm
SRA2 – 640mm x 450mm
SRA1 – 900mm x 640mm
SRA0 – 1280m x 900mm
RA6 – 152mm x 107mm
RA5 – 215mm x 152mm
RA4 – 305mm x 215mm
RA3 – 430mm x 305mm
RA2 – 610mm x 430mm
RA1 – 860mm x 610mm
RA0 – 1220mm x 860mm
Classic Series
Large Post – 419mm x 533mm
Demy – 444mm x 572mm
Medium – 457mm x 584mm
Royal – 508mm x 635mm
Double Crown – 508mm x 762mm