Direct Mail

Connect with individual customers on a personal level with our direct mail services.

The best way to make a customer feel special is to design something especially for them. With variable data technology this couldn’t be easier.

Create highly personalised and relevant marketing materials delivered direct to your customers.  Change names, addresses, images and content to create unique, customised documents- each one tailored to an individual customer.

Variable Data Printing

Variable Data Printing allows the personalisation of every sheet of paper

Variable data printing has actually been proven to: increase mail response rates by 5-12%, grow and retain customer loyalty, and maximize ROI. So what’s stopping you?

How do we do it?

We base all of your documents and data on a master template in the program ‘Print Shop Mail’ so branding is consistent and the key messages can be kept the same across each product. We then import your data base in various formats to target not only the address fields of your letter but also the content, so you can have different graphics, images and text on each sheet of paper.

Whether you want to produce personalized product brochures tailored to your individual customers’ preferences or thousands of targeted leaflets, Inprint can help you with all your Variable data printing needs.

Digital Printing Ricoh Pro C901

Our Ricoh Pro C901 allows us to produce the highest level of quality from digital printing.

Our team of experts is always on hand to help and offer advice throughout every step of the process. Just call us on 023 8077 1197 for more details.